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Nancy Lam

Training and Advocacy Specialist


Nancy is the Training and Advocacy Specialist at Abara and a High School Program Coordinator at Ciudad Nueva, a partner community development nonprofit in downtown El Paso. She recently earned her B.A. in Global Studies and minor in Political Science from Arizona State University. 

She represents Abara at community-, border-, and nation-wide to advocate for humane and just immigration policy and develops and teaches curriculum on how regular people can get involved in immigration advocacy. She also assists with shelter support on both sides of the border, develops curriculum and teaches at border encounters, and supports hospitality efforts at Abara. 

Her personal experience as an immigrant from Taiwan and her commitment to humane and dignified immigration pathways that recognize the imago dei of each migrant fuel her work in immigration justice. She enjoys living and working in cross-cultural communities and has worked with refugees and coworkers from around the world. She is grateful now to live and learn in the borderlands as she sees a lot of her own multicultural identity in the binational nature of this community.

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