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Nate  Ledbetter

Partnerships + Engagement

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Over the last 22 years, Nate has worn a few hats to include pastor, chaplain, and nonprofit co-executive director in several cities. He's grateful to join Abara, where his work is focused on Partnerships and Engagement - fundraising, speaking, writing, and bridging worlds through creative collaboration. He also serves as coordinator of Tres Rios Border Foundation in partnership with Abara.

Nate has an M.A. in Theology and Intercultural Studies.
He holds certifications in Christian Community Development, Mental Health First Aid, CQ via the Cultural Intelligence Center, ecumenical contemplative practices, and recently completed Nonviolence365® via The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. He is a former CCDA board member, and serves on the local board of Ciudad Nueva.


His work is guided by values such as dignity, mutuality, solidarity, and empowerment, and he believes listening is foundational to action. His other passions include friendship, contemplative activism, restorative justice, integral mission, and shared imagination. He and his wife, Melissa, celebrate 21 years of marriage. He enjoys basketball, beatbox, and spending time with their four kids in these beautiful borderlands.

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