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2 Stories of Hope: Shelter Leaders Receive Rest, Women Receive Gynecological Care

Happy August! We wanted to share two stories with you, two times Abara was able to partner with another group or family to foster a little hope on the border. The first: The Cook family in Albuquerque has provided a retreat space both for our team and for various shelter leaders from EP and CDJ. This summer, one of our friends at the State Council on Population of Chihuahua was able to enjoy the property. Here’s their impression: “It was a great experience to stay at ‘Rekindling.’ Beginning with the way Ed and Mary received us, very attentive to our arrival. After they had gotten us settled in the house, they gave us complete privacy and freedom. It’s a beautiful place where you can appreciate the sounds of nature, rest, and mediate. The weather is perfect. It was a unique experience that I would love to do again and share with my family and friends, to be able to leave the stress behind for a few days.”

The second: Through funding from Save the Children, Abara has been able to take 6 migrant women to receive gynecological care in Ciudad Juárez. With her permission, Rosa wrote the following about Mariana (name changed for privacy).

“Mariana is a migrant mother. In her womb, she has life, dreams, joy. Mariana saw the face of her baby for the first time when we accompanied her to the gynecologist. Mariana is very happy, and she wants to express her gratitude to all the organizations that have supported many women in the borderlands.”

Photo shared with permission.

In other baby news, introducing the newest, cutest member of Abara’s extended family: Elim Río Bharadwaj. Congratulations to Monica and Keshav! We love you!

During Monica’s maternity leave, we have been thankful to have Lyn McKinley jump in to help with Grants and Development. Lyn is a native Texan who has lived in El Paso for almost 20 years. She became interested in immigration work when she first moved to the border area in 1993. With a degree in Journalism and further study in Spanish, she has been naturally drawn to respecting, reflecting upon, and writing people's stories. That desire has remained strong in her heart ever since. These days at Abara, you can find Lyn working on grant applications, reports, and letters of intent with potential donors. Lyn wanted to share: "It has been an honor to work at Abara. Sometimes, grant writing can be laborious. But when you love the people you want to serve and the organization, it is well worth your time and has been a great pleasure."

WE INVITE YOU TO PARTNER WITH ABARA TO SECURE THE PURCHASE OF THE HISTORIC HACIENDA AND APARTMENTS Abara House is the future home of Abara, a peace-space in pursuit of Beloved Community located on one of the most historically significant crossings in the region and adjacent to the US/MX border fence. Abara is committed to mutual flourishing, honoring others well, and the sacred reality of giving and receiving through genuine friendships. Our goal is to raise the first 2 Million toward Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign. Major gifts, matching gifts, and multi-year pledges are currently needed to secure the purchase of and restore the Historic Hacienda and apartments. Through income-generating initiatives, Abara House will sustain and expand our day-to-day work on both sides of the border. If you or someone you know is open to learn more, please write to

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