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Inspiring Connections Across Divides

On The Border And Beyond

We are honored to join an ever-growing community of peace builders in the beautiful borderlands of Juarez-El Paso. We’re seeking narrative, systemic, and personal change through Border Encounter Experiences for groups across the country. We’re also pursuing holistic border response – by resourcing migrant shelters downstream with needed supplies, while advocating with our neighbors upstream . We invite you to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from all over the world who’s migrant path has brought them here – as neighbors. 

What's New?

Find the latest updates about what Abara is doing throughout the month. 

What's New


We attempt to center the stories of those most affected by injustice while pursuing dignified storytelling and ethical volunteerism with

those we’ve come to know and love. 


We invite each other to understand root causes, immigration reform, and push/pull factors of
global migration, while asking
how we can

engage long-term both near and far.


We want to become the change we long to see
in the world. We invite each other to cross the invisible borders within ourselves, within our communities, and around the world.

Beyond Borders

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