Migrant Shelter Network

Abara is linked with 20+ migrant shelters on both sides of the Rio Grande. We partner with local leaders to facilitate connections through hospitality, advocacy, and friendship. We collaborate with faith networks, NGOs, and residents who accompany asylum seekers. Team Abara is resourcing shelter leaders, welcoming new arrivals, and assisting migrant entrepreneurs.



Abara’s Border Response programs aim to welcome global neighbors and respond to emerging needs on both sides of the border. We currently have 5 main program focuses in Juarez, MX:


Huellas | Abara’s 8 week leadership and microenterprise workshops

Held in partnering shelters in Juarez and led by Rosa, Abara’s Mexico-based Migrant Service Coordinator. Huellas aims to equip women in the shelters with important life-skills and opportunities to earn money through jewelry making and sewing.

Leader Equipping & Respite Care  

The local migrant shelter network is led by local neighbors, faith leaders, and government employees. These are some of our most dedicated and inspiring partners. Abara partners with other organizations to host monthly leader-equipping workshops which include a speaker, a meal, and time to fellowship with one another. Additionally, Abara collaborates with partners to sponsor respite care weekends for pastors and spouses that lead church-based migrant shelters. These 1-3 day stay-cations and these larger events, aim to create opportunities to rest and recharge to prevent burn out and support the sustainability of the shelter network.

Art Therapy Workshops 

In partnership with @KIND, Abara’s social worker, Clara, provides therapeutic art classes in the unaccompanied minor shelter each week. These classes are an opportunity for the children to both relax and have fun or process what’s on their mind in a creative way. It’s an honor and a joy to sit with and learn from some of our youngest and most resilient neighbors. 

Shelter Resourcing  

Facilitated by Gail, Abara manages a donation warehouse on site collecting the most in-demand items that local shelter leaders need to welcome and care for guests. Gustavo and team check in monthly with shelter partners to identify community assets, assess needs, and coordinate deliveries.


Asylum Narrative Translation Project

Our latest project is overseen by Lica. She has experience as a paralegal with an immigration & naturalization law firm and interpreting for interviews with asylum-seekers. In partnership with students in the translation and transcription program at Northwestern college, Lica conducts safe and dignifying interviews with guests in the local shelters and provides pro-bono narrative and translation services so that each individual will receive a written copy of their departure story in English and Spanish. We believe this will minimize the trauma of re-telling, assist in capturing crucial details needed for a successful asylum case, and provide the English translation needed to submit evidence for an asylum case.


We are inspired by our neighbor's resilience, spiritual strength, and creative brilliance as so many face severe instability, conflict, natural disasters, and poverty. 

Temporary Migrant Guest Housing 

Abara apartments offer dignified housing options between Border Encounters. More recently, our Wyoming office was flowing with volunteers dropping off meals, arranging transportation, and the voices of many languages echoing through the halls. 

With your support, we recently welcomed 30 guests into their first stay in the United States as they made arrangements to their final destination.

Local Shelter Collaboration  

While Abara is not a shelter, we collaborate with local shelters in El Paso, while offering temporary overflow housing as our capacity allows. Thank you for making this hospitality possible.

Root Causes of Migration  

While advocating for bi-partisan policy reform and heightening awareness about the causes of global migration, Abara seeks to connect with similar-spirited organizations on the US-Mexico border and along migrant pathways from Central America. Abara efforts to connect migrant shelters and organizations across various countries and regions that support migrants throughout their journeys. 




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