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CJ Jacquez

Office Manager

CJ Jacquez is Office Manager for Abara and provides organization of office operations, donor and partnership records, and Board and committee administrative support. 


CJ has over thirty years of experience in the business and nonprofit world focused on serving as a senior administrative assistant, supporting nonprofit board and foundation leadership, and donor and event management. CJ is passionate about contributing to the excellence of a service-oriented organization and is excited to partner with a like-minded team at Abara.  

She has always lived on either side of the Rio Grande and loves the beautiful city of El Paso and its calling to be a Pass of The North crossroad where two countries, three cities, east-west and north-south meet and are intricately interwoven into one community.

Some core values for CJ are to discern the heart of God and to attach herself to it, to rightly see every person as God’s image bearer equipped and endowed with God’s mission to imitate him and represent him on the earth.   As a follower of Jesus she endeavors to grow in embodying the love of God.

CJ’s other passions include ancient Scriptures study with a community of long time and new friends, and amateur photography.

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