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Clara Duffy

Shelter Connector + Border Encounter Facilitator

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Clara Duffy comes to El Paso with a deep love for the border and for people and life on both sides.


She is a Shelter Connector in both Juarez and El Paso, and trainer for Border Encounters. Her heart and humility are born of her character.


Her story is grounded from where she was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in Harlingen, Texas, a city 15 minutes from the US border with Mexico.


Prior to joining Abara, she lived in Austin, TX as well as Reynosa, Mexico where she worked with Misión Isaías 55, a binational mission that runs a community center, school for the deaf, and hosts volunteer teams.


Clara has a BA in Spanish and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship, as well as a masters in clinical social work. She's an art teacher, youth leader, facilitates crisis intervention, and enjoys planning special events like communion shared through the fence. In her free time, she likes to read, write, ride her bike and drive with the windows down.

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