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Partnering With You

Abara supports initiatives addressing the most pressing needs and issues in the borderlands. Currently, we support churches and other groups serving as temporary shelters for asylum-seekers on both sides of the border.


We connect and organize for a more effective distribution of supplies and volunteers while advocating for immigration reform and radical welcome. Abara Shelter Connectors regularly meet with migrant shelters in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez to assess needs and connect with resources.


Donations to Abara help support these migrant shelters on both sides of the Rio Grande with essential food and supplies such as hygiene products, formula, diapers, and other essentials for those who have fled war, extortion, natural disasters, and a variety of other traumatic circumstances.

Our ask to those of you who visit this page is simple: wherever you reside, would you consider standing with us and with those in these borderlands as we work toward expanding our weekly support of local shelters? 

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