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A Pilgrimage of the Soul

In this final month of 2023, we’d like to offer some thoughts on the idea of Pilgrimage, related to ours and others’ work on the Texas / Mexico border. This is week 2 of 4. This week, we’ll highlight some quotes from Border Encounter participants, as well an article written about Abara in the magazine “Christianity Today.” 

In 2023, Abara hosted around 300 total leaders for Border Encounters. The participants represented 21 different US states, those who were Christian coming from 13 different denominations. In our opinion, Border Encounters can take you on a pilgrimage of the soul. And we are all pilgrims, walking together.

One participant described his attitude going into the trip: “I want my prejudices and misconceptions about the border to be destroyed.” Leaving, he shared about the hope he experienced in El Paso and Juárez: “This hope feels rooted and anchored in something actually substantial and real. This hope points to ‘God’s heart for healing and reconciliation and restorative justice.

Another participant, Aaron, drove all the way from Missouri to join a church group that he didn’t know. Weeks after, he reflected: “I feel privileged to have seen the best of a community while visiting El Paso and Juarez. I left feeling very encouraged by knowing that really good people are doing great work in an area where there is desperate need and heartache…

Aaron continued, “Many people are drawn to the negative connotation that immigration carries as part of the conversation on issues. But what I saw in the people working with the migrant community was far from negative. In fact, I would consider the work being done as a representation of the best of humanity through selfless acts of love. My experience with the border encounter has helped to direct my motives and, I hope and pray, materialize significant action on my part.  Thanks again to everyone at Abara who is standing in the gap for those who are helpless and in need of miracles.”

We would love to host you and yours for a Border Encounter! 2024 is filling up quickly. Email and get on the schedule, either as an individual or to bring your group of 6 or more.


Team Abara

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